Friday, December 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving was special. For the first time in seven years, our three oldest children, with their families, were home all together to celebrate Thanksgiving with us! 

We had a marvelous time of fellowship, food, and walks down memory lane; which included reminiscing about our special time of celebrating Thanksgiving for the past five years with our dear friends, the McDonalds.

Rebecca made place markers for everyone.

Elaina made some candies pecans.

The finished product, sort of. They looked better in the bowl!
Sweet potatoes waiting to be made into pudding.
 Adrianna and Rebecca preparing mash potatoes which is one of the family's favorite dishes.
Found this heart-shaped potato in the bag. God is so clever!
The girls thought was neat.

Setting the table

Justin having a Firemen Brew and looking like he is really enjoying it. 

    Everyone hanging out and talking while some food is being prepared.

All the guys on their electronics...being so very social, not!  

Melinda brought her camera and took our Christmas pictures.

My daughters leaned in for a group picture.

She gets one with me too.

Justin and Melinda, very loving and lovely!

This little family took their picture on the swing.
After which Mom and Dad gave Jael a ride.

Look at those beautiful Eyes! 

Waiting for the food to cook, more fellowship, and sad but true...
electronics being playing. 

Jael loves Pip, but she was not to happy with him though.

Jael playing with a dolly and pushing the stroller around. It is so fun to think of how many daughters and granddaughters have pushed that same cart around when they were her age. 

Dad cutting the organic turkey...yum!!

The guy bonding at its best! 

Some of the kids playing Uno. Jael joined in the game.
Jen is knitting a ball for Hattie. 

The family at play.

 Finally, we got to the good part dinner!

Yummy...homemade pecan pie... 

...and delicious pumpkin pie.

The Girls playing sorry after dinner.

The men playing Sanford dominoes (played like Hearts).
A family favorite for four generations!
They took turns as it is a four player game and we have lots of guys. 

 Garrison reading one of his favorite books and having a blast while doing it!

 Talking on many different subjects.

Happy 2012 Thanksgiving from our family to yours!