Thursday, April 12, 2012

Samuel Davies' Church - Rediscovered!

Just four miles from my childhood home in Mechanicsville, Virginia in the historical Hanover County a monument has recently been erected which I believe will be of interest... 

There was already a marker for the site...

But just a few years ago, as stated on their website:
In 1990 the Presbytery of the James, successor to Hanover Presbytery which had been founded at Polegreen in 1755, authorized the creation of a non-profit foundation, ecumenical in nature, to preserve, enhance and interpret the site of Polegreen Church. The first objective of the foundation was to locate the remains of the colonial church. Archaeologists from Virginia Commonwealth University oversaw the effort, and the remains of the church's foundation were revealed. On the basis of the physical evidence of the church's location and the easily documented record of the important events related to the Hanover Dissenters and Samuel Davies, in 1991 the U.S. National Park Service listed the Polegreen site in the Register of National Historic Places.

Thus began work to create a remembrance of 'what was' 
and how it 'came to bear' in our Nation's history as the
 "Birthplace of Religious freedom in Virginia"!

The 'little church in the wild wood'!

 The Reverend Samuel Davies preached at this little Presbyterian Church 
where young Patrick Henry sat with his parents
 hearing some of the most powerful sermons of that day.


This is the parsonage a few yards to the right of the church.

Civil War trenches line the area. 

In 1739, the Reverend George Whitfield 'lit a fire' in Virginian hearts
 with a sermon he delivered in Williamsburg.
It was published and widely read including by a man
 in Hanover County who began the Dissenters Movement. 

Another point of interest at the Polegreen Church site
 is the 'time-line walk-way' 
documenting significant marks in history
 for the Christian Church, the Bride of Christ.

The Polegreen Church where Rev. Samuel Davies' sermons
 planted the seeds
for one of the American Revolution's greatest cry...

"Give me liberty or give me death!"
Patrick Henry

How blessed we are by folks who want to preserve our Christian heritage!

Thank you Historic Polegreen Church Foundation.


Stove In!

It was my fault. I was cleaning above the cabinets when I stepped on the edge of our counter to move across. My toe touch the glass stove. It gave way, sending a crack all the way to the top! I was devastated, heart broken and in shock! How could a slight touch, no weigh, cause such damage. I called my husband who was helping friends move into their new home to reveal the awful news. Like the wonderful loving man that he is, he assured me it was OK. Of course, his sobbing wife on the other end of the phone probably did much to soften his heart! He also said the Lord would make a way to replace it.

Sure enough, the next week, two very giddy people walk into our room. Knowing something was up, we asked, "What's up?" First, they assured us they were not pregnant, which is always our first thought when our married children come up to us with Cheshire grins! They then went on to explain that the Lord had laid on their hearts a way to bless us for letting them live here until they found a house (which was officially contracted for on Dad's 51st birthday, April 4th!)...they would buy us a new stove!

Thank you, Lord, for answered prayer though the blessing of children!

Yesterday, it arrived. Once Dad got home it was time to make the switch!

See the tape covering the long was in the middle of that triangle that my toe touch, which I assure you was ever so lightly!!

Well, in the last 10 years since we purchased that old stove, which fit perfectly in the pre-made whole of its former occupant, stoves have gotten bigger. So some work had to be done before the new stove could be put in.

Jael wanted to watch but the power tools were too Mommy put on Daddy's rifle headphones!

First try...
 Conference on where to cut out more....

 Second try....
 Third try....

 Fourth try...YAY, it fit perfectly!!

Thank you, Josh and Jen, I am very grateful for my new stove!