Monday, September 9, 2013

Apples to Applesauce 2013

 From Me is thy fruit found.
Hosea 14:8

Each year, our four apple trees provide us with abundance fruit.
And this year was no different; although, we had a bumper crop!

One of our favorite things, by which to preserve this gift from the Lord,
is to make applesauce. 

It all begins with 'apple-picking'.

In order to reach the choicer fruit up in the top, some 'contriving' had to be done with the ladders.

It worked great with team effort...

one holds the ladder, one picks the fruit then drops it down, one catches and tosses to one closer to the bucket.

These two worked hard and enjoyed their 'treat' early. 
(Actually, they were picking apples that were too small,
so we gave them something else to do. :-)

The guys moved to another tree...
and took turns at the top...

while the girls worked on a tree whose branches were bending to the ground from the weight of the apples.

The branches began to raise as the apples came off.

Our very busy crew!

Before long it was all finished. 

A well rewarded treat after hard work.

The ingredients include only these...

....and these!

It is also a very simple process.
One washes...

the rest cut and slice...
this year two little ones look on...until the roaster is full.

This over-full roaster will only be half-full once the apples
have cooked for 6-7 hours with a few stirrings.

The final process...The Processor! 

Loaded into wide mouth quart size jars to cool then freeze.  

From Apples...

to Applesauce!

You can look here for a more detailed instruction on how to make our Applesauce.

To the glory of God!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Photos and Marshmallows

On Saturday, August 24th, the 'big kids' were gathering here for dinner so Garrison and Melissa could join in the birthday celebration. We realized this would also be a wonderful opportunity to get a family picture for our upcoming Orphan and Adoption Conference speaking engagements in September and October. As usual, all the kids were for it!

When Jael learned she was going to "Ol' Man and Gamy's" she said to her mom,  "Marshmallows". Jen was perplexed, then realized with investigation, Jael remembered having s'mores at our house and wanted to have "marshmallows" we did!

The first photo of the evening was Hadassah...

...doing her 'new trick'!

Even Pip got his photo taken.

We tried to recreate a 'pose' from 8 years ago, but the glare was too much. 

So we all moved outside...

....including the couch!

After the 'together' pose, we separated into 'families'. 

 For this cause shall a man leave father and mother,
and shall cleave to his wife.
Matt 19:5


So ought men love their wives.
Eph 5:28

We took this fun photo too!

Somehow, Jael ended up on the swing.
It kept her busy while other photos were taken.

The two newlyweds plopped themselves down on the couch first.

Next came the little sister and her man...

...who was not to happy with our posing him. 

Lastly, came the dad and mom with their girls.

Yay, both girls are the camera!!

Just for fun...

Sisters Forever!

While dinner was being started, Garrison took his wife for a spin.

They arrive home safe!

I enjoyed sharing our adoption stories with Jessica. 

He forgot to put on his Hawaiian shirt! 

Time to start the fire-pit... 

...then a few games of horseshoes. 

The 'womenfolk' chatted by the fire. 

How many guys does it take to judge a horseshoe's distance?
7...because the photographer, Nathan, joined them. :-)

Had to stop the game briefly...
a huge spider was building a web above our heads.
Dad dispatched it to greener pastures. 

These two have a lot of fun together. 

It was getting dark... 

...but that did not stop these challengers

Iphone to the rescue for measuring distance to the stake. 

Brothers, but fierce competitors! 

Jael could have her marshmallows! 

With the flash...

...without the flash. 

A wonderful ending to another wonderful family gathering!! 

To God be the glory!