Monday, September 9, 2013

Apples to Applesauce 2013

 From Me is thy fruit found.
Hosea 14:8

Each year, our four apple trees provide us with abundance fruit.
And this year was no different; although, we had a bumper crop!

One of our favorite things, by which to preserve this gift from the Lord,
is to make applesauce. 

It all begins with 'apple-picking'.

In order to reach the choicer fruit up in the top, some 'contriving' had to be done with the ladders.

It worked great with team effort...

one holds the ladder, one picks the fruit then drops it down, one catches and tosses to one closer to the bucket.

These two worked hard and enjoyed their 'treat' early. 
(Actually, they were picking apples that were too small,
so we gave them something else to do. :-)

The guys moved to another tree...
and took turns at the top...

while the girls worked on a tree whose branches were bending to the ground from the weight of the apples.

The branches began to raise as the apples came off.

Our very busy crew!

Before long it was all finished. 

A well rewarded treat after hard work.

The ingredients include only these...

....and these!

It is also a very simple process.
One washes...

the rest cut and slice...
this year two little ones look on...until the roaster is full.

This over-full roaster will only be half-full once the apples
have cooked for 6-7 hours with a few stirrings.

The final process...The Processor! 

Loaded into wide mouth quart size jars to cool then freeze.  

From Apples...

to Applesauce!

You can look here for a more detailed instruction on how to make our Applesauce.

To the glory of God!

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