Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Presbytery 2010

I cannot believe that Presbytery of 2010 has come and gone! What a splendid and well done weekend it was! I think most of the pictures speak for themselves and they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here it goes. :)

First up on Thursday afternoon we had some relay races. I guess you never thought you would see Peter doing the Hula did you?

Next up we have Victoria, Rebecca, and Jessica having to sing "Baa baa black sheep", "Twinkle little star", and the whole "ABC's". If you haven't noticed all three of those songs have the same tune. ;)

Another one of the relays was to jump rope. That is... if you can get it untangled first.

Some of the guys on our team had to carry Jess across the floor in a blanket. Now that one was funny to watch!!
After the relays people wanted to go over the dances we would be doing on Friday night. We Sanford's never give up a time to dance! Here Nathan and Adrianna are waiting for the music to start.

Mom seems to want whomever was behind the camera at this point...

Friends and sisters. In more ways than one!

Here the girls pause their playing for a picture.

Peter had no idea what he was getting into when he offered to go up and be a subject in this game. This picture is from the whole show of "CPC's Got Talent".

Jessica, Melissa, and I got the privilege to sing with the Winton's! We sang "There is a time" from the Andy Griffith show. It was pretty well done for only practicing once and that was right before the talent show started.

Another picture of us with our amazing (And that's putting it lightly) musicians.

Some people from the California church did a skit based off of youtube's "Phobias". They did a great job!

Oh boy... Some of the dad's got called up and they had no clue what they were about to do! They had about 15 minutes to come up with a skit using only the props Josh Erber gave them.

Here they come dragging their "water" with them.

Getting ready to start their skit... Take a look at what they are all wearing on their heads! :)

And here we go! They decided to sing the song "Row row row your boat" And what an amazing job they did! They even had a little harmony and hand motions to go with it!
That night some of us who were staying in the same hotel, stayed up talking and playing a bunch of mind games. Some of them made you really mad until you figured out what they were doing.

This one had to be the best! Here Mr. Schroeder is playing the game "Snaps" with us.

Mom and Dad had a lovely talk with Mr. Winton.
The next day was the ordination service. Here Mr. Erber is talking to us all.

All of the Elders welcoming the new Elders by praying for them.
Mom and dad enjoying some delicious pizza with the Bandy family.

The Winton's gave us a show after dinner. They played some really fun songs!
And finally the time most of us had been waiting for! Now we get to dance! I don't know what I am saying in this picture but no one seems to be believing me...

My adorable and wonderful parents!!! *love*

That night after dancing our hearts out and having some yummy ice cream we all headed back to the hotel and had another party!

Elaina, Melissa, and Adrianna posing for a picture. :D

Nathan, Casey, and Zach become fast friends over the weekend.

Some people had never played Mafia before... so the rest of us had to teach them how it's done.
Friends and sisters.

Next morning no one really had to get up as early except some of the Elders and fathers. The rest of us just hung out and goofed off together.
And I mean goofed off! lol This picture is definitely a keeper! :)
Nic decided that he wanted to dance while the rest of us sang "Hey Soul Sister". So he grabbed my mom and just swung her around a little. They look like they are having a good time. :)

That afternoon we all headed over to a park to finished out the weekends activities. First up was a game of Ultimate.

Mama and Mrs. Winton talking together.
Mr. Hector, Daddy, and Mommy had a great time together.

Then all the church's had a a volleyball tournament! It was loads of fun!! I didn't actually play though... cause every team needs a cheerleader. I was going for California all the while hoping Illinois wouldn't kill me. ;)

Saturday night ended with some of the older kids from a few families hanging out and talking together. Presbytery only comes once a year, so who needs sleep?

The next morning was Sunday. We went to Christ Church to worship our King with them. The service was lovely. Mr. Erber is an excellent preacher. I always enjoy going to other like minded churches because you get to see how they worship each Sunday. Here dad is going through the delicious food line after service...
All of the guys eating the yummy food.
Rebecca and Adrianna posing for a picture together.
Jess and I. Sisters at heart. <3

Zach got all of his and Nathan's friends from the weekend to get a picture together. And this is the last picture I will leave you with.

So if you ask me I would tell you that Presbytery 2010 was an absolute, smashing, success! All of Christ Church poured themselves out to make sure that it went according to plan and to make sure that everyone had something to do that was fun and memorable. I thank God for seeing old friends and for meeting new friends this time around. I pray that next year will go just as smooth and that people will see that CPC's Presbytery is just one big happy family reunion. :D

God bless!

Tiff and Ben's wedding.

The time had finally come. After all the planning, after all the work behind the scenes, after having two rehearsals, Tiffany and Ben's big day had finally come. Looking back on it now that it has been a few weeks, I could not imagine a more beautiful or well done wedding if I tried. Everyone put so much into it because we all love Ben and Tiff and we wanted this day to be very special for them.

The happy day started out with me heading over to the McDonald's house so all of us girls could get our hair done together. We had a blast! Even though the rain threatened to ruin all of the hair salon's hard work. No worries though cause we had paper bags to put over our hair. Don't ask... ;) After picking up a few last minute things we made our way over to the church to get ready. My dad was waiting for us and snuck us all inside. After getting ready the time came for us to start the procession down the isle. Lily was first and then me...

The wedding went absolutely beautiful! I don't think there was a dry eye in the room... Some of my siblings had the pleasure of singing for Ben and Tiff. They sang a song called, "Claire Benediction". It was very well done I think the choir should be proud of their work.

My Mama, Dad, and I also got the privilege to sing for the wedding! We sang a song called, "As the Bride Groom". It went very well if I do say so myself. :)

Then the final words came, "Now presenting to you Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hector".

A beautiful reception followed the service. I think everyone had fun and teared up again at some of the stories that were told. From hearing Pastor tell how Tiffany had saved her heart, to a well done slide show, to doing the chicken dance... I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I know I did!

And that brings to a close this post about my beloved friends wedding. I love them both very much and I wish them the best that this temporary world has to offer. I pray that they grow closer to the Lord and that He will be their light and their shield in all the years that God blesses them with marriage.