Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jael Mercy's First Birthday!

(Disclaimer: Even after multiple uploads, some of the photos appear over-exposed, 
but they are not. You can go to our Facebook to see these photos and more.)

Jael Mercy celebrated her first birthday on Tuesday, April 24th!

Her birthday party, however, was set for the following Saturday. Friends and family were invited, even Gramma and Papa came from Virginia for the celebration!

The rocking chair Jael is climbing in was given
 to her father on his 1st birthday
24 years ago from Gramma and Papa; to be used by all his future siblings....and now their children!

Jennifer chose the party theme to be based on the popular children's book....The Hungry Caterpillar. She became very creative
and did an amazing job!

I wish I had taken closer pictures so you could see...
each food served represented something the Hungry Caterpillar 
eat in the book. It was all very cleverly done!

The Birthday Girl!

All the little guests received caterpillar antennae to add to the theme.

The party also included fruit with a 'caterpillar bite' out of the middle...

...John is sporting an orange while his sister,
 Peace, gets her Caterpillar antenna.

...the Aunties got into it too...

...and a caterpillar tube for climbing through...

...after a few minutes of playing, Jen called all the children to come hear
the story of The Hungry Caterpillar.

Aunt Adrianna and Aunt Elaina threw cut-out butterfies into the air at the end of the story when the Hungry Caterpillar turned into a butterfly!!

Next was the hand-painting of a shirt by and for
each of the children who came....

Emma and Asher's caterpillars are taking shape...of their hand-prints!

Then came lunch...lots of Hungry Caterpillar foods to be gobbled up!

Then the moment we have all been waiting for......
the birthday song and cake!!

 Abram is getting into the singing!

Happy 1st Birthday Jael!!

Much love, 
Grammy and Gramps